All Inclusive



Pablo is an architect who buys an "All Inclusive" as a surprise for his wife, but a few days before the trip he is fired from his job. They travel anyway, but Brazil waits with nothing but trouble.


Original Title: ALL INCLUSIVE
International Title: ALL INCLUSIVE
Gender: Comedy
Year: 2018
Duration: 92 min.
Directors: Diego Levy, Pablo Levy
Producers: Sebastian Perillo, Fernando Abadi, Martín Firpo
Executive Producers: Sebastian Perillo, Juan Pablo Colombo
Screenplay: Diego Levy, Pablo Levy, Ignacio Sanchez Mestre
Original Music: Darío Ramos Maldonado
Director of Photography: Luciano Badaracco
Art Director: Camila Perez
Editors: Nicolás Goldbart, Pablo Levy
Sound Designers: Pablo Gamberg, Guillermo Picco
Production Companies: Rispo Films, Tieless Media, Film Trucks, DirecTV



Alan Sabbagh
Julieta Zylberberg
Mike Amigorena
Marina Bellati
Mariana Chaud

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