Milk and Rice



Genaro is left a widower and is admitted by his daughter to a nursing home, both with the image of the late mother carrying it differently about their lives. Genaro, against his will, admitted to an asylum run by nuns, will meet a nun and experience love in his old age.


Original Title: ARROZ CON LECHE
International Title: MILK AND RICE
Gender: Comedy
Year: 2009
Duration: 94 min.
Director: Jorge Polaco
Producer: Oscar Marcos Azar
Executive Producer: Sebastian Perillo
Screenplay: Jorge Polaco, based on the book “Papá se fue de casa” by Antonio Moneo
Original Music: Pablo Sala
Director of Photography: José Trela
Art Director: Jorge Polaco
Editor: Liliana Nadal
Sound Designer: Pablo Sala
Prodution Company: Laboratorio Argentino de Cine



Jorge Ochoa
Isabel Sarli
María Alejandra Figueroa

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