The Leagues


Palo, a frustrated musician, decides to return to his hometown in Argentinian pampa to recover a guitar that belonged to his late mother, but to do so he will have to rebuild the bond with his father, with whom he has been estranged for years.
Palo's return to the town, which is still home to his childhood friends and loves, will be an emotional whirlwind that no one will be able to resist unscathed.


Original Title: LAS LEGUAS
International Title: THE LEAGUES
Gender: Drama
Director: Diego Fió
Producers: Sebastian Perillo, Rosana Ojeda, Diego Fió
Screenplay: Diego Fió
Excutive Producers: Sebastian Perillo, Rosana Ojeda
Director of Photography: Ignacio Aveillé
Art Director: Florencia Gabelli
Prodution Companies: Rispo Films, Raíces Producciones



Emiliano Carrazzone
Natalia D'Alena
Juan Barberini
Luis Margani
Juan Alari
Aldo Pastur


2023 Ventana Sur Films in Progress (Argentina) WIP

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