The Wanted Child



Story of a couple, Ana and Álvaro, whose relationship seems to be breaking down because they cannot conceive a child. Ana begins to fall into a deep depression, and Álvaro, desperate, decides to go to the north of Argentina to adopt a child, even if it is illegal, and thus save their relationship.


Original Title: EL HIJO BUSCADO
Internacional Title: THE WANTED CHILD
Gender: Drama
Year: 2014
Duration: 81 min.
Director: Daniel Gaglianó
Producers: Marcela Avalos, Sebastian Perillo
Screenplay: Daniel Gaglianó, Fernanda Ramondo
Original Music: Carlos Paez
Director of Photography: Fernando Lockett
Art Director: Ignacio Luppi
Editor: Rosario Suarez
Sound Designer: Pablo Gamberg
Production Companies: Amada Films, Sebastian Perillo



Rafael Ferro
Maria Ucedo
Sofía Brito
Nico García
Lali Gonzalez

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